Work with someone who teaches instead of takes

I want to work with someone who wants to teach instead of take. This statement immediately got by attention. It came from a friend who told me I could post about it. My friend and I were having a convo where we were analyzing each other’s professional relationships so that we could determine where areas to improve exist. My friend identified instances where people we report to are taking from us instead of teaching us. I think it’s important to identify when this occurs so that a decision about a next step can be made.

Being productive and just being in both the dream world and the real world

I like to use both of these worlds to accomplish things. I also like to use both of these worlds to just be. What I've learned is that neither one is only usable for just one state of being. Both worlds are quite versatile. I challenge myself to just be in both worlds and also to be productive in both worlds. I find that this approach builds necessary tools that crossover into both worlds. If I find that I am just being too much or I am being productive too much, regardless of which world I am in I believe this is an indicator that I am out of balance.

Be comfortable not knowing

One of the biggest sources of anxiety for me is not knowing the answer to a problem. I used to spend hours digging into a problem which may not sound bad but when you're doing the same thing over and over and not making any forward progress, then this is bad. It's bad because I feel that it emphasizes to me that I don't know what the answer is which then causes me anxiety. When I finally started walking away from these types of problems and telling myself that it's okay that I don't know the answer, and believing in myself that I will eventually find the answer, answers started coming to me. Sometimes the answers came when I was staring at the sky trying to think about nothing. Sometimes the answers came when somebody else said something that inspired me to think a different way. I find that taking a break from problem solving can sometimes be the best way to solve a problem.

Where is looking taking place?

Ever notice that all of us either look in the past, present, or future? Consider deciding which model is ideal for the situation at hand and then guide the conversation accordingly.

It's temporary

Failure is temporary. Success is temporary. Each state is something that has occurred. Celebrate each. Don't become attached to either.

In between cause and effect is just being

This is one of the ways that I identify with meditation. A cause can certainly affect me. However, I can choose when the cause occurs to simply continue being.

Help people solution forward

It doesn't matter what people did in the past if you can help them with what they will do in the future.

Make big problems smaller

Make big problems smaller so that you can take a small step forward. This allows you to not feel overwhelmed by a whole bunch of ambiguity. When you solve even a very small portion of the bigger problem, not only will you feel better but you also replace a large amount of ambiguity with a little bit of clarity. If you keep doing that over and over, eventually you will see a clear path to success.

Understand instead of judge

I was raised to judge. After years of education, I came to the conclusion that this is a terrible thing to do. It's easy to judge because judging involves using the mechanism of blame. Blaming is super easy to do because there's no responsibility involved with blaming. Instead, I've chosen to embrace understanding. It's more difficult to invent a scenario that explains why something is happening but doing so forces you to understand. I find that the model of understanding is much healthier for my emotional state. It also has the added benefit of causing me to rationalize why nuances in the world exist.

My own recovery drink mix

For years, I've regularly purchased hydration drinks to help me recover after doing something strenuous. It dawned on me that I could make this myself. After reading Wikipedia, I determine that the five most common electrolytes are salt, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and chloride. I checked various drinks and many seem to have the first three. So, I started making my own and it seems to work fine. My personal mix is water mixed with half a teaspoon of salt, a packet of Splenda, concentrated lime juice, and magnesium when I want to add it. For magnesium, I use the Natural Calm powder. I make about 24 oz at a time.

Make your own dog food

My dogs make me a better person. I want them to live as long as possible and with as few problems as possible. So I make their dog food. The recipe is simple. It's a combination of carrots, raw mackerel, raw turkey, oatmeal, green beans, and flaxseed. It takes me 2 hours to make a 3-week supply for two dogs. I freeze all of it and thaw what I need before I need it. It makes me feel great to do this for them. In memory of Huddy.

Own what you're good at

Own what you're good at versus expecting people to be as good as you. This is a foundation for a team!

The beginning

I cannot remember the last time that I posted something on the web related to my personal experience.  The last time was likely during my career as a professional musician.  

That was a long time ago.  

A goal of mine for the near future is to continue posting my thoughts on the web.  I'm not doing this for anyone else; only for me.  

This is me.

Thanks for stopping by.